Find Your Business Partner is not to be confused with mainstream social media platforms. is not about socializing, education or motivation. is not even about crowd funding platforms where main beneficiaries are fund raisers and crowd is the one who gives in return for perks instead of equity and if it is an equity it is not meaningful at all (with few exceptions of course) is about creating meaningful value.
Generally Startup Equity Crowdfunding & Investment platforms are very useful when it comes to raising or giving money for good ideas, innovative products or charities.

However, our mission is to offer and develop crowd funding platform where if the crowd is the main giver so then it becomes the main receiver. Anyone can start a Business Founders Crowd,, but instead of offering 5% or 20% he/she offers 90% or even 100% of this still future business/ vision which don’t have any real value yet.
During this time when like minded community evolves as a limited company or any other form of organization crowd members/cofounders claim equity, tasks are identified, targets and goals are set, strategies chosen, executives appointed etc.
So it is much more fun to be cofounder in a startup business than just invest $100 in the stock market where you don’t have any control and meaningful returns.

Find your crowd, find your community, find your business partner

Very warm welcome to Founders Crowd!

We are enormously exited and trilled to present you with this unique platform where you can find like minded poeple, share your common goals, ideas or dreams and get things done.

This platform is to find business partners, cofounders for your own and collective success 

Step 1

Look around and Join the group that resonates with you. Join the group that have same goals and dreams that you have.

Or create a group if you have to have your own terms. Announce your idea, what funding you require, what or how much you are willing to contribute yourself, how do you see your business share structure or what are you willing to give away for other people’s contributions 

Step 2

Wait for poeple to arrive 

It is up to you how big team you will have. It can be team of 2 , 5, 20 partners or crowd of 500 -it is up to you.

So what do you want?!!! 

Do you have a dream?!!!

Do you have a goal?!!!

If so, Founders Crowd is your place 

Find your Crowd and get it done.

So, if you not done so yet, join here

It is still Free today!

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